Residential Proxies

All traffic is routed through clean residential IP addresses that allow you to scrape at high volumes while avoiding detection.

Intelligent Request Routing

We employ cutting edge machine learning techniques to automatically route your requests through IP addresses that are the least likely to be blocked.

Automatic Request Retries

When requests do fail, we’ll automatically retry them through alternative IP addresses until we find one that gets you the data you need.

Headless Browsers

Optionally render HTML responses in headless browsers which support JavaScript and are preconfigured to bypass common bot-mitigation strategies.

Persistent Sessions

You can either manage your sessions locally, or persist all cookies and local storage on our infrastructure. Easily support logins, and other cookie-based interactions.

Easily Configurable

Each feature is completely configurable on a per-project basis. You can generate a custom proxy URL for each project, and selectively enable features based on the project’s needs.


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Meet the Team

We’ve been good friends and developing code together for twelve years.
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Evan Sangaline, PhD

Evan has been an avid programmer for 19 years and has shipped projects in over a dozen languages. His career began in experimental higher energy physics where he managed distributed computing infrastructures and performed award winning research on particle identification. This work included the development of a ground breaking unsupervised machine learning technique that significantly outperformed all existing approaches. He later switched fields to statistics where he developed the strongly intensive cumulants and made the first Bayesian determination of the nuclear equation of state using advanced statistical techniques designed to accommodate otherwise prohibitively expensive models.

Since leaving academia, he has founded a startup that used artificial intelligence to make video games more fun, written technical articles that hundreds of thousands of people have enjoyed, and helped numerous companies build their products or meet their data needs.

Andre Perunicic, PhD

After getting his Ph.D. in math, Andre spent two years working as a postdoc at research institutions in Canada. His academic work centered on applying ideas from mathematical physics and string theory to number theory, and he developed techniques for greatly simplifying certain extremely labor intensive calculations.

His mathematical training and life-long programming experience allowed for an easy transition to industry, where he has helped multiple teams meet their business and data science needs. He worked on desktop and web applications, as well as data science projects, and has a detailed understanding of machine learning algorithms and techniques.

Before Intoli, he most recently worked in the data science department of Spreemo Health, where he used Bayesian techniques to define analytical metrics used to measure quality of radiology services. He helped identify key predictive factors for high quality MRI exams, and demonstrated drastic differences amongst various radiology providers.