Intoli Joins the NVIDIA Inception Program

By Evan Sangaline | July 21, 2017

Intoli is Joining the NVIDIA Family

We’re very pleased to announce today that Intoli will officially be joining the NVIDIA Inception Program for exceptional technology startups who are revolutionizing their industries with advances in artificial intelligence (AI) and data science. NVIDIA has been instrumental in the resurgence of neural networks in machine learning over the last several years. The rise of GPU-accelerated neural network training has allowed for major advances in the field of deep learning and NVIDIA’s GPU lines, Deep Learning SDK, and investment in AI startups have all undoubtedly played an immense role in that.

NVIDIA Inception Program

One of the key ways in which NVIDIA invests in the future of deep learning is through its AI startup incubator, Inception. It’s an honor to have been invited to join the ranks of companies like SoundHound, Optimus Ride, and Datalogue as members of the program, and we are eagerly looking forward to working with NVIDIA on using deep learning to change the way that web scraping is done. Intoli already heavily relies on NVIDIA hardware for artificial intelligence applications and we’re excited to accelerate our progress with NVIDIA’s generous hardware grants and technical advisement.

The thing that impressed NVIDIA about Intoli most during the interview process was our novel approach of integrating deep learning into common web scraping workflows. We use machine learning to automate components of web scraping that have traditionally been very labor intensive, such as simulating realistic traffic patterns, detecting and circumventing anti-scraping mechanisms, and adapting the behavior crawlers and selectors when websites change. This allows for far more flexibility and customization than any alternatives in the space, while simultaneously dramatically decreasing the costs of setup and upkeep relative to those of in-house solutions.

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